"returnTo" querystring parameter is not defined as a valid URL

I’m trying to use organization names as a subdomain for my application, and allow users to input their org name to route them to the correct login flow. Login is working properly, but logout isn’t.

The URL format is going to be: https://org_name.localhost:3000

I’m getting this error:

invalid_request: The "returnTo" querystring parameter [URL] is not defined as a valid URL in "Allowed Logout URLs".

I’ve verified that the logout URL is added to the allowed list for my application, using a wildcard subdomain. Right now, just localhost, so it’s set to http://*.localhost:3000. I’ve also verified that the client_id is on the logout URL.

Here’s what the logout URL looks like:

Is there something else I’m missing to get this error? anywhere else I should be checking?

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I’m new to this, but i have “http://localhost:3000/” as my logout url in my app and it works.

Does this work with localhost subdomains as well?

I havn’t tried, hence don’t know… sorry!

I can’t get this working with subdomains - tried:

to no avail :frowning: