Returned fields in GetUser API documentation are confusing because its not possible to set them

I’m talking about fields like name, nickname, given_name, family_name.

I get that I can just use user_metadata to store additional information and I will but I still wasted my time presuming I could set these properties on create or update. Now I’ve finally discovered via these forums that I definitely can’t so its no longer my presumed ignorance that is at fault. So now I’ll stop looking.

Just wanted to state that it might save people some time if this was made clearer in the docs. Is there an argument for not even returning them? Can the user set them somewhere? I don’t really understand why they exist really.

Hey @tpyo!

For such kind of things it’s always useful to provide us with feedback through our feedback site:

So we can discuss it and potentially add it to our roadmap, as to make the developer experience better for the developers in the future. Thanks a lot!

Hi… I appreciate putting things in the right place but this forum is called “FAQ/Feedback” so its puzzling being asked to place my feedback somewhere else.

Hey! That’s what it is intended for you’re totally right , but what I suggested is for future reference as providing feedback directly to our product teams through feedback site might get you the patch in a shorter period of time.

Thanks for understanding!

kk, no worries, I’ve submitted the feedback as you requested.
I was just slightly annoyed at having to reformat it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one!

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