Add new attributes to the user list

I’m new to the Auth0 platform and am having trouble figuring out how to add attributes to the user list. I’d like to add a firstname and lastname as fields on the user list. Is that possible?


Can you describe in more detail what you mean when you say “user list”? Post a screenshot?

If you mean the “Users” page of the management console, you would need to submit a feature request to get changes made there. There is no way for you to change it yourself.

Hi Mark!

Thanks for your reply. Yes I was talking about adding a few fields to this:

How might I go about requested a feature change? I don’t see anything obvious to do that, but admit I could just be overlooking it.


If just you want to add data to the user’s profile, you can add essentially whatever you like to their user_metadata and app_metadata. You can also set the root given_name and family_name attributes, which are OIDC standard claims.

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