Mystery "personal data" fields in password policy


The “personal data” checks include checks against:

  • user_metadata.first
  • user_metadata.last

Does anyone know what these are? I’ve not seen them before despite being on Auth0 for over 4 years. There are, or should be, no standard fields in user_metadata. I mean, I know what they are supposed to be, first name, last name, etc., but should these checks not reference the root family_name, given_name, …? Or is this just an error in the docs?

Hi @markd!

Let bring this question to our field team. I’ll report back here with the response.

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Hi @markd,

I apologize for the delayed response. You are right in saying that we should expect no standard claims in the user_metadata object. I can’t find a direct answer as to ‘why’ this exists, other than that it is an artifact from a historical implementation.

I’ve recorded this as product feedback.

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