Retrieving JWT from SAML Python

Hi there!

I am currently attempting to create a manner by which users can access the APIs for my application without having to use the UI. Accordingly, I’m attempting to write a Python script that allows for SAML login leading to the retrieval of an access token. I’ve attempted to use the authentication API as follows:
login = requests.get('https://{domain}/authorize', headers={ 'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' }, params={ 'response_type': 'token', 'client_id': '{client id}', 'connection': '{connection}', 'redirect_uri': '{redirect}' } )

and subsequently opening the redirect URL. However, although I’m able to login, there’s no way to access the token from Python. There is no way to do this through the Python SDK that I’ve found either, including by using a silent authentication (not supported by auth0-python). Any guidance would be much appreciated.