Retrieve JobID of a failed users-import job

I needed to update a lot of users so I uploaded a json to the users-import job. The email I got back was that 382 users were updated but 8 failed. I’d like to know which ones failed. I found the Get Job Errors endpoint but I don’t know the job ID of the job that failed. Is there a way to retrieve that?

Hi @sarah.reed ,

The Job id of the user import job is available in the response.

“status”: “pending”,
“type”: “users_import”,
“created_at”: “”,
“id”: “job_0000000000000001”,
“connection_id”: “con_0000000000000001”,
“external_id”: “”


Thanks for your quick response! I didn’t record the response in the pop up window that comes up when I click “Try.” Is there a way to access this after I’ve closed out of that window. I’m purely executing these calls through that Try button.

Hi @sarah.reed ,

Unfortunately, for user import via the Management API user import endpoint, we don’t have any endpoint or method to retrieve the job id though I think that is a good idea. If you are interested in seeing this functionality, feel free to raise this with our Product team via the feedback page as a feature request.

As an alternative, if importing users via the user import/export extension, under the history tab, you can find the details of the import.

Also, please be aware that the job information will be deleted after 24 hours. So if you could get the job id next time you run the user import, please check the status within the time limit.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to let me know if any further queries. Thanks!

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