Restore Deleted Tenant

Hey guys I’m new here. I know that it states in the docs that once a tenant is removed it cannot be restored. Unfortunately I am in need of restoring a tenant. Has anyone had success with this? I know this is probably something that can only be done by an Auth0 engineer. I thought I’d reach out as this is probably a deal breaker for us using Auth0 long term if we can’t restore tenants.

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We are unable to recover a deleted tenant, like you have seen is in our docs and the warnings presented when you go to delete a tenant. It’s our policy for the sake of data security and compliance.

If you are in need of a very specific name we recommend using a custom domain like, or if you are a free customer and don’t have access to custom domains you could use


Is it at least capable of recovering the source code for the custom lock that was created under that tenant. It’s a little odd that custom single sign on locks are at the tenant level.

There is no way to restore the data associated with the tenant, which extends to the code you use in customizing universal login.

I’m not sure what you mean here.

If one wanted to use a consistent customized universal login across tenants you would currently need to implement that custom code for every tenant separately. Seems like a lot of unnecessary duplication of code. Having the capability to have a customized universal login at the auth0 account level that could propagate to all tenants would be awesome.


Thanks for elaborating, that makes sense. Would you please submit that request to our product team via the feedback portal?

If you wanted to set up a custom tenant that you could duplicate easily, you could also use the auth0-deploy CLI. This is the current solution for deploying default tenant settings in a multi-tenant scenario.

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