Reset password error from CDN

I’m receiving an error from the CDN when I attempt to reset password as an end user.
I’m using the default parameters given when using a custom form (only colours etc have been added).

If I pretty print change-password.min.js the error seems to be on line 11195: b.send(void 0 !== c ? c : null),

My form looks like this:

Change your password

  <style type="text/css">
      {% unless tenant.colors.page_background %}
      {% endunless %}
      background-color: {{tenant.colors.page_background | default: '#e8ebef'}};
      padding:25px 0;

  <div class="table">
    <div class="cell">
      <div class="content">
        <!-- WIDGET -->
        <div id="change-password-widget-container"></div>
        <!-- END WIDGET -->

  <script src=""></script>

    new Auth0ChangePassword({
      container:         "change-password-widget-container",                // required
      email:             "{{email | escape}}",                              // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
      csrf_token:        "{{csrf_token}}",                                  // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
      ticket:            "{{ticket}}",                                      // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
      password_policy:   "{{password_policy}}",                             // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
      password_complexity_options:  {{password_complexity_options}},        // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
      theme: {
        icon: "{{tenant.picture_url | default: '//'}}",
        primaryColor: "{{tenant.colors.primary | default: '#ea5323'}}"
      dict: {
        passwordPlaceholder: "your new password",
        passwordConfirmationPlaceholder: "confirm your new password",
        passwordConfirmationMatchError: "Please ensure the password and the confirmation are the same.",
        // passwordStrength: {
        //   containsAtLeast: "Contain at least %d of the following %d types of characters:",
        //   identicalChars: "No more than %d identical characters in a row (e.g., "%s" not allowed)",
        //   nonEmpty: "Non-empty password required",
        //   numbers: "Numbers (i.e. 0-9)",
        //   lengthAtLeast: "At least %d characters in length",
        //   lowerCase: "Lower case letters (a-z)",
        //   shouldContain: "Should contain:",
        //   specialCharacters: "Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)",
        //   upperCase: "Upper case letters (A-Z)"
        // },
        successMessage: "Your password has been reset successfully.",
        configurationError: "An error ocurred. There appears to be a misconfiguration in the form.",
        networkError: "The server cannot be reached, there is a problem with the network.",
        timeoutError: "The server cannot be reached, please try again.",
        serverError: "There was an error processing the password reset.",
        headerText: "Enter a new password for<br />{email}",
        title: "Change Password",
        weakPasswordError: "Password is too weak.",
        passwordHistoryError: "Password has previously been used."

Any ideas???

The failed log entry I see looks like this:

  "date": "2020-06-29T08:59:21.013Z",
  "type": "fcp",
  "description": "invalid result url: APPLICATION NAME AS SPECIFIED BELOW",
  "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
  "connection_id": "MYCONID",
  "client_id": "MYCLIENTID",
  "client_name": "MYCLIENTNAME",
  "ip": "MYIP",
  "user_agent": "Chrome 83.0.4103 / Mac OS X 10.15.4",
  "details": {
    "body": {
      "newPassword": "*****",
      "confirmNewPassword": "*****",
      "_csrf": "IDHERE",
      "ticket": "TICKETID HERE"
    "query": {
      "user_id": "MYUSERID",
      "email": "MYEMAIL",
      "username": null,
      "newPassword": null,
      "tenant": "TENANT NAME",
      "client_id": "CLIENTID",
      "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
      "resultUrl": "{{ }}",
      "markEmailAsVerified": true,
      "includeEmailInRedirect": true
  "user_id": "MYID",
  "user_name": "MYEMAIL",
  "strategy": "auth0",
  "strategy_type": "database",
  "log_id": "LOGID",
  "_id": "ID",
  "isMobile": false