Reset Password email - Personal use limit triggered alert

Hello I have strange problem with strange message and I didn’t find any topic with such message.

So the problem is that like the documentation says to send an email for reset password I just have to use the webAuth.changePassword function.
So I am doing exactly that, the email is send correctly but when I go and open the email I am getting this alert message:


I am using mailinator for testing emails.

Hi @stoyan.kalinov.ext,

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It appears you have hit Mailinator’s personal user limit. This suggests you need to upgrade to a higher limit to continue using this service.

Thanks for the answer.
But the strange thing is why if I copy the template from Auth0 and send the same template from my personal email (gmail), the email is send correctly, display correctly and the template in the email is looking ok.

Hm, I’m not sure why this is happening. This issue seems specific to mailinator, and it may be helpful to reach out to their support team.

Yes, the problem is with mailinator. I tested it today and there were no problem with the email.
But don’t know why it says that I have hit the limit when the email is send from Auth0, but when I send it from my personal email the things are ok.
Maybe there are some limitations for email received from specific domain.

That would be my suspicion as well. Have you added your own email provider?

With that problem I was not with custom email provider.

But I opened another topic for another problem when I setup a custom email provider.