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Requesting for additional registration data after social signup


Is there anyway to trigger additional data collection screen (like Gender, Age etc.) after the user signup via social connections like facebook or twitter ? I have the Auth0Lock() configured to request for additionalSignUpFields. But it only works for Auth0’s Username-Password database. How do we have Auth0 trigger those additional SignupFields for social users ?


:wave: @rajesh_mahajan that is correct that currently additionalSignUpFields works for database sign-ups only. So there isn’t a copy/paste same way for social signups. For social signups can get additional information after the users sign up, there’s two ways right now 1) redirecting to another page where we use redirect rules to redirect the user to another page where you ask for extra information, and then redirect back to finish the authentication transaction. And this will be placed in our user_metadata 2) Progressive profiling.

The full details can be found here:

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