Is this posible to add additional sign up steps in Auth0 "Login box" UI?

I’d like to use Auth0 “Login box” for Sign up, Login, and Change password purposes, but my sign-up logic is complex and requires changing default fields and add additional steps.
Can I achieve my goal using way of customization Auth0 “Login box” or it is impossible to customize it and I should breakdown my signup logic and use “Login box” only for taking default fields (email and password) and then pass a user through other steps in my own UI?

Hi @zhygliy

One common strategy for gathering additional user data after sign up, is to use a redirect action. This will allow you to send the user to your UI to gather data during the authentication pipeline. This is typically used for more complex sign-up scenarios.

Alternatively, using lock and classic Universal Login, you can add additional sign-up fields to the hosted login page. This is typically used for simple additional fields like address, language, color preference, etc.

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