Request: Hubspot integration

A hubspot integration would be pretty cool


Thanks for providing the feedback!

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@Teneb - Thanks for the suggestion! What should that integration (or those integrations) do? Hubspot has a lot going on, it would be interesting to hear how Auth0 could best plug into that.

Also, we have a Rule template that you can use to add a New Contact to HubSpot if they don’t already exist, and then add that Contact to a List for marketing. If you go to Rules > Create Rule > Add New Contact to HubSpot for Marketing you can try it out. We don’t have those listed in the Marketplace quite yet!


I am looking for a way to get use data into hubspot or a user. How would I accomplish that?

The email contact would already exist in hubspot. But I would want it to update a custom field when that email is used for the first time in our app. And then additional custom fields would update for ‘last login’ and ‘number of logins’.

How would I do that?