Removing "footerLinkText" and "signupActionLinkText" when using passwordless login

I’m using a setup where passwordless login setup is the only way to login. I want to remove the section marked in red. Clicking the link goes to the “signup-id” prompt which in this case is the same flow (providing email and then entering the verification code).

Setting the “footerLinkText” and “signupActionLinkText” to an empty string is not possible. If it is set to a whitespace the link is still there - just a whitespace link.

I have seen some other threads where the recommendation is to disable sign ups, however that would not work in this setup - since it would not be possible to sign up :sweat_smile:

Is this something that is possible? Or is the solution to make the “login-id” prompt and “signup-id” prompt identical and setting the links to an whitespace?

Thanks in advance

I’m wanting to do the same, and suppressing sign ups isn’t an option for me either. I’d like to still allow users to sign up but I want to direct them to the sign up form explicitly. I don’t want them finding it via the login page.