Removing email from scope in Angular application results in generic Auth0 error

Our scopes are defined in app.module.ts as:

            domain: environment.auth0Domain,
            clientId: environment.auth0ClientId,

            authorizationParams: { audience: environment.auth0ApiAudience, scope: "profile email" },

            httpInterceptor: {
                allowedList: environment.auth0AllowedList as any,
            cacheLocation: "localstorage",

Now when users log in for the first time, they get a permission dialog stating that Auth0 can read mail. This is not a permission I want to show to users. So I was thinking I remove the email from the scope but then when a user logs in, Auth0 logs them automatically out with a cryptic error. Part of the logs:

"return_to": "http://localhost:4200?error=Something%20went%20wrong,%20please%20try%20again%20later",

I tried to discover where the email scope is used. Because we don’t have any custom scopes defined, the only place I can think of are 2 actions we created. We use stuff like ‘const users = await management.usersByEmail.getByEmail({email: ${}});’.

Does anyone have a clue? My assumption is, the email address is part of the ‘profile’ scope and therefore the ‘email’ scope is not needed.