Scopes are missing?

We were using the scope [‘email’, ‘openid’ ,‘profile’] in auth0 rules. Is there anything that happened that this information is not present in the id token? It was working earlier but all of the sudden email information was missing dated 17-02-2021 13:00 UTC. There are 5 tenants and the same thing happened for each. Are you guys aware of what happened in between?

Hi @wahmed,

I’m not aware of any changes that would affect this behavior. Is this happening for all connections or just some?

Would you mind providing a code snippet of the rule you are referring to so that I can see if I can reproduce this?

Also, would you mind private messaging me a HAR file that captures the login flow so that I can help troubleshoot? Please be sure to clean any sensitive information.


Update: in a private message, we took a look at the HAR and we were able to retrieve the ID Token with an email claim. We are not sure why the claim was not read by the Angular app before.

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