Remove social providers completely

I’ve looked at a few topics within the community but I’m not finding the specific answer we need. We’re considering using Auth0 but this may be a deal-breaker if we can’t find a fix.
The issue is is that we cannot have any option to login with a social identity.

I’ve looked into customizing the code via the Dashboard but there’s no easy fix it seems.

Please advise, thanks

Hi @elizabethleuci :wave:

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So Auth0 doesn’t enforce use of Social Login; as an authorization server, Auth0 provides the capability to easily authenticate users via the use of the social providers, but you can easily configure it not to use a social provider for any combination of applications.

Auth0 Applications (see here for more information), allow you to create the definitions for you application(s). Once defined, simply go into the Connection settings and chose the connection(s) you want to enable. Connections (here) in Auth0 are the configuration definitions that provide the wide selection of options for performing user (first-factor) authentication - including Social, or not, as the case may be. You can find example(s) of creating both Application and Connection definitions by following the Auth0 QuickStart for your tech stack; see here for details. Note that, by default, all defined Connections will be enabled for any new Application definition unless you choose otherwise in your Auth0 Tenant settings - see here for more information regarding that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: