Remove rules from pre-user-regisration flow

I believe this is actually a bug in the actions pre-user-registration UI:

On the pre user registration hook, rules dont execute before actions.

Thanks for sharing that, will make sure to relay it to appropriate team!

Hi @alexab, it is true that Rules execute after pre-user-registration Actions. What we are trying to convey in this flow is the relative order of Pre-User-Registration hooks and Actions. You are right that rules (and post-login Actions) will run after this flow.

I think this highlights that the UI could do a better job of helping you orient yourself within the larger flow of events.


Thanks for following up on that Geoff!

I actually have the exact question in this topic title, except I mean it in general.

How do you remove an action from a flow in this UI? Dragging it away doesn’t seem to do it, selecting and hitting delete doesn’t do it… I can’t find any way to remove an action, once added. Am I dense?


It turns out to be a UX fail. If your window isn’t tall enough, the “Delete” button is pushed down off the visible area, even though there is no other content down there to make a user think they need to scroll further for more content.

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I literally just made an account here to ask how to remove actions from a flow, thanks for the tip.

Major UX issue, I kept trying to drag the action I wanted to remove off the screen (since actions are added by dragging).

It’s also not even a screen size issue, no matter what the “Remove” button is always just below the fold of the screen. I tested this with a vertical 4k monitor and it’s still not shown.

cc @konrad.sopala @ggoodman

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Totally understand the pain. relaying that to our product teams!

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this is kinda ridiculous. can you help me remove an action from a flow in my tenant? I have no idea where the Delete button or how to access it

Hello @taha — if you need to remove an Action from a Flow, open that Flow in the Actions, Flows section of Manage dashboard, highlight the Action you wish to remove, and click the Remove button on the right sidebar.

It turns out that if your browser window is less than 505 pixels high, that remove button will be below the fold and only appears if you scroll down in the right sidebar. We know this is suboptimal UX and plan to improve it soon.

Best, -nick wade
VP Product, Developer Experience @ Auth0

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Thanks for following up on that Nick!

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