rememberLastLogin option still not working in Cordova web app

Hi all,

I reopen a new topic, since I’m unable to comment on rememberLastLogin option not working in Cordova web app
We still have this issue and need some assistance.

We are seeing some problems with the rememberLastLogin option for the universal login page in our ionic Cordova web app on iOS devices.

On the web and on android the user is (as expected) presented with the login option he chose last and this enables a fast login, especially for username-password authentication.

On the iOS device, this also works for 3-4h, but if the app is opened afterwards it presents our users the standard login interface. We would expect that the user sees his last login option infinitely or at least that we can configure a timeout.

We are using

  • Angular v5-lts
  • ionic-angular 3.9.4
  • auth0/cordova 0.3.0
  • iOS engine 5.0.0

We can reproduce this on all iOS devices.

Let me know in case you need more information.

Thanks and best.