Register new user is blocked

Hi Community,

I am working on Universal Login customization using auth0.js SDK. Upon triggering this function webAuth.redirect.signupAndLogin(), it fails with following error:

“This domain —.com has been configured for Single Sign On and you can’t create an account. Try signing in instead”

I don’t know where to find this setting / configuration to allow registering user.

Thanks for your help

Hi @kewong ,

I noticed that you opened a Support ticket for the same issue. Once the ticket is solved, I will add the solution to this topic so it can be helpful to other folks in the future.

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Thanks for the information, keep sharing this type of info.

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Here is the solution/answer provided to the support ticket:

Any user with an email address that has the same domain as one used by an enterprise connection cannot be created on a database connection because the enterprise connection will handle all users who enter an address with that domain.

So we suggest disabling the Enterprise connection from the application you are trying to do in order to work around it.

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