"RedirectTo" Field with multiple domains

Hi Auth0

I have an SASS web application, an Angular SPA built with New Universal Login provided by Auth0 SDK. We are facing problems bringing users back to the web app after changing their password, and I was wondering if you could help.

At my end, there are multiple tenants with their own domains, like https://client1.com, https://client2.com, etc., all sharing the same Auth0 app instance. Their domains are whitelisted under Allowed Callback URLs (comma-separated).

The logged-in users have the option to initiate change password process, where they receive the change password link in their email. Once they complete the change password process, we have an Auth0 action in place to invalidate the refresh tokens. Everything is fine so far.

The problem is that once they successfully complete the change password process, I need to bring them back to the domain where the request was initiated. I am not sure if I can use the “RedirectTo” field under the Password Change email template, as it does not allow multiple URLs and is not intelligent enough to map the users to their domain. Please suggest if there is any workaround available.