Multi domain authentication and multi organizations login

I have a SPA Angular app that uses auth0 angular SDK.
I have two requirements that look a bit conflicting, I’ll be happy to find a way to implement them both in auth0 infrastructure.

  1. our users should log in once and then be able to navigate between our apps under the same domain(like,, etc) - we solved it by configuring the cookieDomain property to our domain - “”, and it works fine.
  2. We are using the organization feature, each customer account is an organization, and now we have a requirement to allow one user to login to different organizations on different tabs on the same browser.
    since our refresh token and organization_hint are saved on cookies on the domain level, we couldn’t be able to allow login to different organizations on different tabs.
    is it possible? do we have a way to manage all the auth0 data on the tab memory and not in cookies(which are cross tabs)?