Login circular redirect after implementing organizations

I have a SPA in the early stages of development that previously I had gotten auth working on our initial Auth0 tenant. For whatever reason when we decided to start a subscription, we started a new tenant. We needed the subscription to begin using Organizations as that was a focus of our project. I have replicated the Applications and other settings as closely as I can from the old tenant to the new one, I have created two organizations and added users to them, and I have updated our UI project (an Angular SPA) configuration to the new tenant and application values.

The entire application is under an AuthGuard, so loading that application redirects me to the auth0 /login page. I enter a users login information, and click login and I am redirected back to the /login page again. I think I should be take to a page to connect or authorize the application, but I do not get that, and I am never directed back to our application.

I have ensured that I have our applications root address added as a valid redirect_uri in the application settings. I have enabled the application in the two organizations that I have defined. I have the application set to Team Members of Organizations and Display Organization Prompt in the application settings. I do not however see the organization prompt anywhere on the login page if that is where it is suppose to appear.

I note that if I look at the logs, I do not see successful or unsuccessful logins, but if I view the user that I am logging in with, it shows them having logged in a number of times successfully.

I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Blissitte,

Are you using our Angular SPA SDK? Auth0 Angular SDK Quickstarts: Login
Also, did you follow this guide to configure Organizations? If so, can you send me a DM with a HAR file showing the network trace of the flow you described?



We are indeed using the Angular SPA SDK (auth0-angular). I did not see that guide previously but after reading it, it appears that I have performed all of the non-optional customizations and settings contained there.

I will send you an HAR in just a few minutes, and we will see what we can see.

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Thanks @lily.wisecarver for helping with this one!

I am trying to implement organizations in my Nextjs web App. But, if I set up an organization in auth0, I am not even able to log in. I made 2 applications to check that the applications without organization work fine while just setting up the organization makes errors.

Does the log in process present you with an “Enter your organization name” prompt? Does it do anything when attempting to log in or does it redirect back to the web app?

when I load the application redirects me to the auth0 /login page. after entering the user’s login information, and clicking login then I am redirected back to the /login page again.