Redirection is not available on /oauth/token endpoint


Currently, I’m working with a process to linking accounts from different providers, but in some part of the process, It’s fetching POST to https://{yourDomain}/oauth/token to refresh token and It’s retrieven me 400 status code bad request and error message “Redirection is not available on /oauth/token endpoint.”. I checked the documentation API reference Authentication API Explorer and I’m including the same body request and I still get the same error.

¿Does somebody know what I’m getting this error?

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I’m guessing you have a redirect in your login flow which is also run when a token is refreshed

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Yep that can be the thing. Can you actually check that @fernandat ? Thank you!

We are running into a similar issue. Given a user with a google-oauth2 connection, trigger a /passwordless/start with the same email account, returns the email code.

When we use the received email code in the /oauth/token call, with as grant_type we can see on Auth0 a new user with that email connection, but that first /oauth/token call always returns

Redirection is not available on /oauth/token endpoint.

EDIT: also note - this only seems to happen for the initial /oauth/token call. Subsequent calls seem to work for a same account, and then we can link the email account with google-oauth2.