Code not found in /authorize endpoint

We need to implement the Refresh Token feature to our existing application Auth0 . Basically our API users need to get a Refresh Token . Refer to the document (, we have sent an API request to /authorize endpoint with parameters. But we couldn’t find the AUTHORIZATION_CODE from that response and it looks like

Found. Redirecting to /login?state=g6Fo2SBrc0ZObDB0cU0tcE5qeEFTZ3hkdXVxa0ozZGZuWXFEQqN0aWTZIG1jaHhLT3ZyR3JWSGpxTWZhX28wRlVMWm04REtMRWdLo2NpZNkgY2tyYjJKNmVpajdHZ3N0MjBERkt0amYzMHVJYjFuZ3I&client=************&protocol=oauth2&audience=************&scope=offline_access&response_type=code&redirect_uri*********

We can’t move forward without that AUTHORIZATION_CODE . Could you please help us to implement this feature?

Hi @hasitha.s,

Welcome to the Community!

We would love to help here. Have you looked at our quickstarts? They are great examples of how to implement our SDKs.

If you want to manually set up the flows, please see this doc:

If you describe your setup, I can help with a specific example. (language, framework, etc.)


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