Redirecting user to reset password after email verification

Hello for my specific need, I need a user to be redirected to reset their password after they have verified their email. Is it possible to do this with actions or the management API. From what I was seeing it looks like the only way would be to create a email verification ticket then use the result_url to redirect the user to a page we have created to change their password utilizing the password reset management API endpoint? Is this the only way, or is there another way? If this is the only way, then I am also running into an issue with setting the result url. I get error “Payload validation error: ‘Invalid property result_url’”, whenever i send the payload. Any help is appreciated!


Hi @rodney.todd,

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I understand you want to verify a user’s email, then prompt them to change their password.

A user’s email should automatically be verified after they change a password through a change password email. You can exclude the email verification email, and simply send them a password reset email.

Hope that helps!

Hey Dan, thanks so much for the response. That actually would work perfectly then we can just update the password reset email template to account for that!

Thanks so much

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Great, let me know if you run into any issues.

Hey Dan, just wanted to reach back out to ask a quick question! I have successfully implemented the solution we need and was able to customize the custom password reset widget to change depending on whether the user has verified their email or not. Prior to switching to the custom password reset widget we had already setup the design for the auth0 provided one. Is there a way to get those styles so I dont have to rewrite all of the css and js.

I want the styles from this, is that possible to get if not i can rewrite the css and js, just wanted to check before i spent the time.

Hi @rodney.todd,

You can get branding setting via the Auth0 Management API v2 branding endpoints.

Does that help?

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