How to redirect to the reset password page once email verification is successful

Once the new user is created, user will be getting an email verification link and once the user clicks the link he will be navigated to email verification successful page. But I want the reset password page to be opened instead of email verification successful page. I tried changing it Verification Email template by giving the reset password url in redirect url but no luck. Is there any way to achieve it.

Hello @vignesh.ramesh,

Welcome to the Community! You will need to use the Auth0 Authentication or Management APIs to do this yourself. You can use the Authentication API to send a password reset email, or use the Management API to create a password change ticket and send you own email with the ticket link.

@markd Thanks for your reply. Since I am new to Auth0 I require further more information on it, I am using a node js application and I have implemented basic login authentication using Auth0 in my node js app . Is there any detailed documentation of how to use the management or authentication Api in node js app to achieve my requirement.

Sure thing. You can get an example of calling the Authentication API to trigger a password reset email from here:

@markd once again thanks for your immediate response, from the document I can understand my app is using universal login with a basic authentication in node js. Can you help me in figure out where exactly the structure of user login flow will be available to customize the verification mail based on my requirement.

If you use the authentication API method, Auth0 will create the email for you. You can control the content of the email from your Auth0 management console (, under Emails -> Email Templates:

Is is possible to use the Change password Email template as my default mail triggered to the user once the user is created instead of verification mail ?

I don’t believe so. You can enable / disable individual email templates, and therefore enable / disable those emails, but you cannot trigger one email template in response to some other event type.

You can probably build the functionality you want yourself using the Auth0 APIs but that will be a bit of a project. Turn off all the email templates, build your own sign-up service, not use Universal Login etc.

@markd Thank you so much … Got it !


Wohoooo! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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