Redirecting to error page URL seemed to have stopped working


I have setup a URL to redirect to a custom error page. Following these instructions:

This redirect would previously work fine when I clicked on an expired Reset password link.

However, it seems to have stopped working and now just stays on the auth0 error page instead of redirecting to our error page URL

Any ideas on what could have caused this?

Hey there!

Can I ask you to record a HAR file of the whole flow for me so we can analyze what happens behind the scenes of the browser? Thank you!

Here’s an example link. Doesn’t seem to be browser specific

I don’t mean that it’s browser specific, we just want to analyze all the request traffic that is going on in the whole flow once you perform it. It will be really helpful if you can share the HAR file with us via private message. Thank you!

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Okay, thank you!

I have sent you a message with the HAR file.

I was wondering if I should expect that link in the previous message to redirect to our error page URL that has been setup in the dashboard? It used to occur when opening expired tickets but I’m not sure if there’s any other configs in our tenant settings that affect it?

Let me look into that and get back to you soon!

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for the delay in response! I responded in the private message we have. Let’s solve it there and then post the solution here. Thanks!