Redirect users with unverified emails to request a new email

I’ve seen similar posts but not exactly what I’m looking for.
I want to add a rule that checks if the user email is verified or not.
If it’s not verified, I want to use existing auth0 screens so the user can request a new verification e-mail.
Something like: prompt: login-email-verification

I’ve seen answers where I can call the management API in a rule and send it myself. But if the user will try to login multiple times, I will just re-send multiple e-mails which is not great user experience.

Does auth0 supports a UI component where a user can request a new verification e-mail?

Hi @shay1,

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We don’t currently support the exact flow you are describing, and it sounds like you have already come across resources about how other users are solving this use case. You can create a feature request here if you would like to formally request the UI as a part of Universal Login.

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