Resend verification email from Login

I have built login natively, which uses rest call for authentication by auth0. I have forced email verification. Can add an option to resend the verification mail? I have gone through postman auth0 management API collection. but it needs userId . Is there a option to get userId if the user requests for re sending the mail? Please suggest me what i have to do for accessing userId on login failed for users who haven’t confirmed their email. i have tried to search in googling but not getting any luck. so please please help me.
I have tried by adding a rule to resend verification mail if the unverified user tries to login. I wish to send the verification mail if the user tries to resend through button click.

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Hi @ajith.gkrishnan,

You should be able to resend the email from the rule like you described here. If that is your desired flow then please post the code you have now and I can help you work it out.

If you want to allow the user to input their email address and resend the verification email, then you would need to get their email, call the get users by email endpoint to find their ID, then call the verification email job endpoint with the ID to send a new one.

It is probably easier to set up the rule that sends it automatically when it is not verified, but it will depend on your desired UX.

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