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Resend Verification Email



I’m running a pretty standard setup with mostly defaults and using the hosted Auth0 login pages (OIDC compliant), with username/password.

When a user signs up the default “verify your email” is sent to the user. I can’t find anything in the API to “resend” that email. I want to put this as an option on the challenge page in case they can’t find it.

Where do I look to do that?


You can use this endpoint of the Auth0 Management API to trigger an additional verification email for a given end-user.


Thanks @jmangelo

If anyone is looking. the specific end-point is:


Thanks @jmangelo

If anyone is looking. the specific end-point is:


This is a clear and simple answer, but I can’t figure out how to get the user_id after a successful signup. I’m using auth0-us v. 8.12 with a custom HLP. After I call auth0.WebAuth.signup(credentials, cb) I see the user_id returned from /dbconnections/signup, but in my client-side JS code there appears to be no way to access this new user_id. Without it, I can’t call /api/v2/jobs/verification-email. So, how can a custom HLP provide a “RESEND EMAIL” button after a user signs up successfully?