Redirect URL for email verification not working as expected

Hi Team,

We have a react next.js application integrated with Auth0.

I ran into an issue where the RedirectURL that I provide in the verification email template does not work as expected.

The RedirectURL contains a route along with the base url, {base_url}/login/email
I observe the below behavior:

  1. If I click on verify email link the link opens in the new tab but it removes the query params that auth0 adds - (supportsignup=true&supportforgotpassword=true&
    and the path /email/login and the url looks something like {base_URL}/#/inbox
    where inbox is the path that was there in mailbox url where I received the verify email.

I would want the redirectURL to work correctly and auth0 to redirect to {base_URL}/login/email.

Could you please suggest how to make this work?

Hi @manleen.bhatia ,

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Please refer to below link and let us know if it helps:

Redirect URL doesn’t work

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