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Redirect to login after changing password



Hi All,
After changing the password (from the forgot password link on the lock widget)
is there a way to add a link that would take me back to the login screen of my system
(the Lock widget)?
Because right now it only says “Your password has been reset successfully.” with no option to get back.


I assume you are talking about the Change Password widget where the user gets redirected to after clicking the link in the password reset email. If so, you can modify the Redirect To field in the email settings, which is there the user will redirect to after setting the password. > Change Password > Redirect To.


Hi @prashant

What is the default page of redirect to field? If I want to redirect the page for a particular client, but use the default page for the rests, how do I do that? I tried to use these in the redirect to field but they don’t work.

{% if application.clientID == ‘clienta’ %} {% else %} https://myauth0domain/lo/reset {% endif %}

{% if application.clientID == ‘clienta’ %} {% else %} {application.callback_domain} {% endif %}