Redirect rule with as request parameter

I’m having an encoding issue in my redirect rule when sending the user’s email as a request parameter. I add the request parameter like this:

context.redirect = {
    url: "" +

This works fine for a regular email where the @ is properly encoded, but when it contains a + it is received as %20. Causing email addresses like for instance being received as rather than

Is this expected behaviour? And if so, how can/should I deal with this?

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url is reading the + in the email as a space. You could try doing url encoding and pass the already encoded.


Thanks, that does the trick!

I didn’t try it since parts were already encoded (like the @ for instance) and I would expect it to be encoded twice then, but that doesn’t seem to happen. Which I don’t fully understand to be honest, is there a check involved whether URL encoding still needs to happen afterwards?

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