Redirect Loop after Authentication

I have auth0 set up and working for one of my sites. We are using MVC web applications.
For my other app, I am redirected to auth0 and complete the login. After the login it keeps redirecting back and forth between my site and auth0, adding a new nonce every time until I get an error that the response is too large.

I am not seeing any errors in my application or on auth0 logs.

After doing more troubleshooting, I think I have a clearer picture of the issue.

This application is on a subdomain with many applications. I have this app on
however auth0 seems to be redirecting to after authentication.

How can I make it go to I already have this as my return uri.

Turns out I needed to add /LoginCallback to the end of my redirectUri.
This fixed the issue for me.

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Thanks for sharing with the rest of community!