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I’m trying to use Actions to redirect the user to /new-user in my app AFTER they’ve logged in. The executeOnPostLogin function in Auth0 is misleading because it executes DURING login, not after. So if you redirect using it, it assumes that you are halfway through the login flow, rather than at the end of it, and that you will callback to continue the login flow.

What I want is for my user to be redirected to /new-user along with the ID token and access token, so that they are “logged in” but are also redirected to a page. Is this possible to do? If not I suppose I will have to redirect them using Javascript in my application, which I would rather not do.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hi @raph90

Thanks for contacting Auth0 community

May I ask what is the use case here?

After the user logs in via Auth0 the user will be redirected to your app with token artifacts (depending on your flow).


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Hi Jeff, I found the answer. I needed to update the callback url that I pass in the Auth0 client. Thank you.


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