Simple problem please help! Redirect users after login not working

I’ve followed the tutorial and seen several answers about issues with specific tech stacks/SPA’s etc re redirecting to a page other than the homepage but I can’t find anything on my extremely simple use case (still learning!).

I’ve set up a NodeJS/Express app and am successfully logging in using the universal login form.

But I can’t see where I would add the code to redirect to a ‘/users/’ page. I’ve added /users to my allowed callbacks but I have no idea how to actually send users there once they’re logged in? What code does that and where does it go!?

Hi @nc14 , welcome to the community!

If you have a lot of different parts of your site that you may need to being the user back to after authenticating, I would recommend having the user come to a central callback URL on your app for each login, which will validate the response and then route the user on to the right page based on either cookies/browser sessions or a custom state parameter sent with the /authorize request.

Please see the documentation here for some examples on how this could be achieved:

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Thanks Steve for helping on this one!

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