Receiving an error for a field that has not changed

I am receiving this error when I try to update Application Settings:

You cannot update the following fields: client_authentication_methods”

However, I get this error even when I do not change any field on the page. How do I get around this error?

Thank you for your help!

Sorry about the tags, I couldn’t find something that matched Applications → Settings.

Hi @gregory2,

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Could you please clarify if you are using the Management API’s Update a client endpoint to update your Application settings?

If so, could you please share the request you made?

For the moment, I can confirm that the client_authentication_methods is not a callable field.

I am looking forward to your reply.


Thank you for responding!

I am not using the management API. I am using the application settings page:

Does that page call the management API?

Hi @gregory2,

Thank you for your response and clarification.

Could you provide more details about what kind of updates you performed on the Dashboard?

In other words, could you please clarify the steps to reproduce this error?

Yes, generally speaking, anything that can be done through the Auth0 dashboard (and more) can also be done through this API.

I am looking forward to your update.


Initially, I was trying to add callback URLs.

When I got the error, I refreshed the page. Without changing any values, I still receive the error. To reproduce the error, I go into Applications → Applications → Settings, scroll to the bottom, and click Save Changes.


Hi @gregory2,

Thank you for your reply and clarification.

After looking further into this, I found several users reporting the same issue, and this is happening because of the Editor - Specific Apps tenant member role.

I have also checked with our Engineering teams and found that this issue has been reported and backlogged.

I will follow up once we have resolved this issue.


Thank you for explaining the issue!

For now, we can have someone else in our organization make the update. We have verified that this solution works.

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