Real Management API docs for PHP SDK?

I can’t seem to find any usable documentation on using the Management API through the PHP SDK.
I found a single example here:

However, this is just for making an initial request. Isn’t there some sort of doc which shows all the available PHP methods and what they do? The various Auth0 tooling docs just seem extremely confusing and laughably complex.

What am I missing here?

(I’m using Laravel 9 and the Auth0-PHP package)

Hi @david29 :wave:

An example of initializing the Management API class is available in the README: auth0-PHP/ at main · auth0/auth0-PHP · GitHub

Demonstrated in the README is an example of how you can get all users from the /users endpoint. Given the size of the Management API it isn’t feasible to document every endpoint in the README, but if you’re using an IDE that understands PHP such as VSCode or phpStorm it will hint all the classes, methods and parameters for you from our included docblocks.

You can also use our API reference linked on the GitHub repo: Auth0-PHP

Finally, you can reference the QuickStart for an example usage of the Management API: auth0-php-web-app/Management.php at 8331f9357da702adff0286772d3c2505a2156064 · auth0-samples/auth0-php-web-app · GitHub

Thanks, @evansims .
Yeah, I’m using the example for getting all users to prove my connection is working. I just need to do all sorts of other things, so that one example didn’t get me very far.

I’ll investigate further into getting type hinting to work. That’s my answer. Thank you for suggesting that.

I understand your point about manually documenting all methods and its impracticality. I think I was just expecting some sort of automated API reference for PHP. Maybe something like Swagger does.

Anyway, thank you again.

I wanted to follow up again and say that your second link seems to have gotten me most of what I had been looking for in the first place! I had found that in my search, but didn’t quite understand the structure in order to find what I was looking for.

Anyway, between code completion and the API reference, I’m off to the races!

Apologies for my rather frustrated initial query. The fact that someone at Auth0 replied on a Sunday is not lost on me.

Thank you again.

No worries at all @david29, I’m glad I could help! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have further questions