React-native-web example project?


I’m trying to implement Auth0 on a new React-Native-Web application created with Expo.

The application should run on web but also as an app.

I started to implement it using React-Native-Auth0, and it imports etc, but when i call:
‘’’ auth0.webAuth.authorize({scope: ‘openid email profile’})
.then(credentials => console.log(credentials))
catch(error => console.log(error));

Then i get the error that the Native Module is missing.

Has anyone have an example project that runs Auth0 on web as well as on iOS/Android?

That would be a great help, thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

Hi there @steven6 , welcome to the community! I’ll be honest in that I haven’t tried this example myself, but I did stumble across:

Perhaps you could give that a look and let us know how you fare?

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Hi @tyf,

Thanks for finding this.
I came far but not far enough. Without Expo trying to get Auth0 to work with React-Native on web was hell and failed. So that’s why i went and try Expo.

The example you gave runs but doesn’t parse the url containing the id_token. (yet, hopefully: i created a bug report)

When receiving the data on the callback url, an entity ‘result’ should be filled containing the id_token, but ‘result’ stays ‘null’. (useEffect is called)


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