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How to setup react-native-auth0



I am trying to setup a react native project using the new react-native-auth0 library. I was previously using react-native-lock. I followed the tutorial by adding the bundle identifier to the allowed callback list, added to AppDelegate.m and info.plist in addition to linking the library. I still cannot get it to work. Is there something else that I have to configure in order to get this library to work? When I call auth0.webAuth.authorize nothing is happening. The only time I got it to work is when I downloaded the sample app and ran it, which makes me think that I am missing a step in the configuration process.


As you mentioned if this is really an oversight in some configuration step it will be hard to diagnose or guess the exact step you missed. If you were able to make it work when downloading the full sample application I would recommend you to start from scratch and see if you hit the same issue. If you do try to compare any possible differences between what you did and the full sample application that runs.

In addition, when nothing happens it usually means that something thrown an error and the error is simply not visible so try to see if you can get any more information about possible errors that might be happening when you call the authorize method.