React Native auth0-universal-login/identifier-first API

Hello there!
I have an Auth0 fully login process in React Native handled by the Auth0 sdk working fine.

I would like to get rid of part of the sdk WebView experience having basically 2 different flows according to the user email domain, first one completely in React Native + Auth0 Apis and the second one using React Native for the email and Auth0 SDK for possibile SSO.

According to the article auth0-universal-login/identifier-first we could have two possible different login modes:

  1. When a user enters a corporate email (for example,, you can redirect them to’s corporate login page.
  2. If a user enters an email for a personal account, you can prompt them for their password.

the question correlated without an answer yet are:

  1. How can I have this custom email control by Aut0 API?
  2. Using the same example above, After the email control how can I use the Auth0 SDK to prompt the’s corporate login page?

I can see similar questions but any suggestions about how to achieve through APIs

thanks for the possibile suggestions


With the api Retrieve Users with Get Users by Email Endpoint and using the user email I can know the authentication method I need to prompt for user.
The question left is:
It is possibile to use the Auth0 SDK to prompt directly the corporate login page once I know the user authentication method?