React-native-auth0 getTokenSilently

Hi team,

Trying to work out a simply use case without success:
1, User login with react native app.
2, Get a token for an api where the user already have a role with permission to access.

(1) works fine.
However, react-native-auth0 seem not having a simply way to achieve (2), where similar function of getTokenSilently is not available.

What’s the suggested way of achieving (2) in react native ?

the solution from this post did Not work for me.

The access_token returned would thrown an “invalid audience” if used towards the api.

Thanks a lot

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    React native 0.63.4

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I had figured out a solution.
The trick is to take out “openid profile email” from the scope.
Just a scope for the target api, offline_access would do.

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!