How to get the refresh token ? (react-native-auth0)


I am using react-native-auth0 for the react-native-app. I am unable to get the refresh token in the response even if I pass offline_access in the scope while logging in.

audience: config.API_BASE_URL,
connection: connection,
scope: ‘openid profile email offline_access’,
accessType: ‘offline’,
approvalPrompt: ‘force’,

Can you guys please let us know how to get the refresh token

Hey there!

You should handle it this way:

Hi @Konrad thanks for your reply I am have done that changes in auth0 dashboard to active the refreshToken but still I am not able to get the accessToken In My response

Hi @konrad.sopala can i get a working example in a git public repo … where i will change the credentials for auth0 and test if refresh token coming or not

Thanks for sharing this information. It was very helpful.