Allow a re-direct to SSO based on an email?

I wanted to know how we can check if an email is SSO based or not, from Authentication API since this will be used at frontend of our app.

The requirement is, user puts in their email in our application login, on the next screen we check if the email is SSO based, we tell the user to login with Google or Office365 or with that SSO, otherwise we ask the user for password and then let that user login.

Also based on just the email, can we get the domain data ? like e.g. domain name, full title, description, logo (if any)

Example Case
I enter:, as i press on continue, our frontend checks somehow with Auth0 through an API, if the user is SSO based or not, based on that if true, we show error to the user on frontend that this account domain is on SSO, so please login through that, otherwise we ask for password from the user. Now in this, if i can get some details as well regarding the domain in that API, like, its logo, full name etc
Is there some way we can achieve this through Auth0?

Hey @omer.kahoot - welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This is something that we already offer for Classic Universal Login, called Identifier-First Authentication.

Have you seen this in the past? Can you take a look and see if it suits your needs?