Redirect set of generic emails to another Auth0 IdP

We are a service provider using Auth0 looking to onboard a customer that also uses Auth0 for their corporate SSO needs.
While we typically onboard new customers as IdPs and set up a SAML integration with email domain redirect, but this particular customer has an edge case and we’d love to find a solution to accommodate it.

This customer has corporate accounts on their domain (eg: but they work with a lot of temporary staff that have their own email addresses on gmail, yahoo etc…
For the temp staff they create credentials on their Auth0 tenant so they can control their access and accounts centrally.

We are looking for a way to not only match their corporate domain at login and redirect to their IdP for authentication, but also match on the list of emails they have as credentials in the same tenant.
Is there a recommended way to do this?

Hey there @joffrey_sb welcome to the community!

Not entirely sure this suits your use case, but have you considered using an Action at all to achieve this? In particular, you might use the property to check against a list of emails and then redirect accordingly.

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