HRD through Universal Login using the email subdomain - redirect after login

After logging in to an application via SAML Idp, the user is not redirected to the right application.

Some more details:

  • I configured an Auth0 app as SAML Idp by enabling the SAML2 Web App Addon.
  • I already have a configured app in another Auth0 account. In the 2nd account i created an Enterprise SAML connection to the first account, attached it to the application and limited it to a specific subdomain.
  • In the Universal login (using Identifier First Authentication Profile), users with the specific subdomain are directed to the login of the first Auth0 account (via the SAML connection), but after a successful login, they are redirected to the application of the first Auth0 (which is a SAML Idp and doesn’t have a real app).

I need the users to be directed to the application in the 2nd Auth0 account (the one where the login was initiated at)