React Native Android - useAuth0 Hook not updating user after successful auth

On an iPhone 14 Pro, I have no issues. On an LG V30 (as well as a Pixel 5 emulator), this issue occurs. What’s happening is on Android, I tap login (which is just a Pressable that triggers the login func below), I am prompted to enter creds, I get a successful login in the Auth0 console, but I do not redirect because user is still null from the useAuth0 hook. I click login again (sometimes twice more) and eventually I am redirected and a successful exchange log appears in the Auth0 console.

react-native: 0.71.8
react-native-auth0: 2.17.4

Here is my code:

    const { authorize, user, isLoading, error } = useAuth0();

    useEffect(() => {  // this doesn't fire until login (below) fires at least once more
        if (user !== undefined && user !== null) {
            const userType = user[""];
            const userId = user[""];


    }, [user]);

    const login = async () => {
        try {
            await authorize({
                scope: "offline_access",
                audience: "",
            // error gets populated here: {"error": "a0.session.user_cancelled", "error_description": "User cancelled the Auth"}
        } catch (e) {
            console.log(e);  // no error here


I should add that there is no error in the catch block of the call to authorize.

This was caused by a configuration issue with scheme and customScheme, I solved using this GH comment: Android redirection is broken · Issue #613 · auth0/react-native-auth0 · GitHub.

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