RBAC Step up Authentication Custom Scopes

I am using an API with RBAC enabled and I am including the permissions in the access token. My problem now is that I need to use mfa when the user wants to withdraw funds from our platform.

Before I turned RBAC on, I could request the custom scope withdraw:funds and then the access token would include this scope, but since I turned RBAC on the access token includes the scopes: openid profile email.

Now my question is how can I include both the permissions from the user and the requested scope in the access token?

I need to use the permission, because the user needs to complete a KYC process before using our platform and I am setting a permission after the user has completed this process.

Hi @gregor1337,

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Have you enabled Add Permission in the Access Token in your API setup?

Let me know and we can go from there!

Hi, yes I’ve enabled that setting. If I enable that I get the permissions in the access token, but once this feature is enabled newly requested scopes through MFA (e.g.: withdraw:funds) is not returned within the access token, only the permission that is set in the user’s account.