Receive mfa_token from universal login



Right now I have an app where users login with the universal login and complete 2fa automated by auth0. I have a use case coming up where I need to implement a custom 2fa flow when users want to send funds. I have seen the MFA api but from what I can tell you would need to implement a totally different type of authentication in order to use it. Is there a way to combine the Universal Login with the token flow to recieve the mfa_token on login?


Hi @dan12 , welcome to the community!

It sounds like you may need Step-Up Authentication, please see the documentation here for some more information on that:

You can get an Access Token for the MFA API by using it’s audience in a normal Universal Login flow (audience:"https://YOUR_TENANT_DOMAIN/mfa/"), but this is mainly for managing a user’s enrolled factors, or adding new ones rather than a custom flow in its entirety:

If what I’ve mentioned above doesn’t meet your needs, then you would need to develop a completely custom flow using the ROP flow you mentioned I’m afraid.

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