Rate limits on different tenants

In the documentation, it is stated that “Using the Management API for free and trial tenants is restricted to 2 requests per second”. How does this map to Essential, Professional and Enterprise tenants, for B2C and B2B? What can we expect from the different subscriptions?

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Hi @andreas.lundgren,

This is outlined here:

Let me know if you have questions!

OK, great! I assume that “Self Service” is Essential and professional tiers, right?

(It’s a bit annoying that Trail for Prod behaves differently than prod. Some features are there, that will go away after trail expires, and some limitations are there, like rate limiting. This makes it hard to evaluate production until the trail period is ended, it feels like a long wait. There should have been a choice to switch of Trail for Production tagged tenants.)

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That’s correct. Self service is essentially anything not free or enterprise.

Thanks for the feedback.

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